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File format description for uploading to the trades analysis service

File format requirements:

  • Just create simple text file (csv format).

  • The first line in the file must contain column names.

  • Use semicolon (;) or comma (,) as a columns separator.

  • Mandatory columns:

  • DATE - date of the trade in format YYYYMMDD, where YYYY - year, MM - month, DD - day;

    TIME - time of the trade in format HHMMSS, where HH - hours (24-hour format), MM - minutes, SS - seconds;

    DIRECTION - trade direction: BUY or SELL.

    PRICE - trade price;

    QTY - trade volume;

  • Optional columns:

  • TICKER - name of the finantial instrument;

    STRATEGY - name of the strategy to get statistic per strategy;

    COMMISSION - commission per share/contract;

    POINTCOST - cost of the finantial instrument point, it's using for money result calculation.

  • Use point(.) or comma(,) as decimal delimiter.

  • Don't use comma(,) as decimal delimiter and column separator at the same time.

  • You can fill COMMISSION and POINTCOST once for each ticker and strategy. In this case other rows are filled automatically with average value.

Example of the file:

Download file template

Get example PDF report

Create a file in Excel

Fill column names:

Fill in data for each column:

Save the file in csv format:

Create a file in a simple text editor

Open Windows notepad or any other text editor:

Fill in column names. Use ";" as a separator:

Fill in the data for each column:

Save the file with the name "file name.csv":