Upload trades

You can upload your trades to the service in 2 different way:
  • upload trades from a file;
  • specify link to your Google Spreadsheet.
Notice that in both case you have to use one of the supported data formats. See the article Supported data formats.

Load from a file

Create a trade file in Excel

Fill column names:

Fill in data for each column:

Save the file.

Create a CSV trade file

Open Windows notepad or any other text editor:

Fill in column names. Use semicolon (;) or comma (,) as a column separator:

Fill in the data for each column. Use point (.) or comma (,) as a decimal delimiter. Don't use comma (,) as a decimal delimiter and a column separator at the same time.

Save the file with the name "your_file_name.csv":

You can also create a trade file in Excel and save it as CSV format:

Download CSV file template

Upload trades from QUIK (for Russia)

Create a table with trades in QUIK with the following columns:

  • Mandatory columns:

  • Дата сделки - date of a trade;

    Время - time of a trade;

    Операция - trade direction: Купля or Продажа;

    Цена - trade price;

    Кол-во - trade volume;

    Объем - trade volume in currency.

  • Optional columns:

  • Код инструмента - name of the finantial instrument;

    Комиссия ТС - exchange commission per share/contract;

    Комиссия брокера - exchange commission + brokers commission per share/contract;

    Номер - a trade unique indentifier.

Export the table to Excel with one of the available methods:

  • Export through DDE;

  • Copy/Paste all table rows.

You will get the following Excel file:

Upload the file to the service, select Data format as 'Trades from QUIK' and press Generate report button:

Specify link to Google Spreadsheet

Create new Google spreadsheet:

Fill column names:

Fill in data for each column:

Then you have to share your spreadsheet so that our service has access to it. Press Share button:

Add string aifinmarkets@sheetsreader-245116.iam.gserviceaccount.com to People who will have access to your spreadsheets, clear Notify people checkbox and then press OK button:

Now you are ready to start analizing your trades. Copy link to your spreadsheet:

Insert the link into the corresponding field of the form and press Generate report button: