Trades analysis

General information

Trades analysis is a service that allows you to upload your trades and get detail statistics regarding your trading operations.

The stats includes many charts and indicators:

  • equity charts by date, trades;
  • drawdown charts;
  • general stats: profit factor, recovery factor, total balance and so on;
  • average stats: average profit per trade, average trade duration, average trade volume and so on;
  • profit distribution by hours, days of week, symbols and strategies;
  • long only and short only stats;

and many others.

You can upload your trades to the service from different sources such as Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheets. See description of all available sources in the article Upload trades.

Regardless of the source, from which you upload your trades, you also have to use the certain data format of your trades so that the service could understand the information you provided to it. It can be a standard data format with a predefined set of columns or a data format in which your broker exports your trading results. See supported formats in the article Supported data formats.

And finally, you are able to customize the service in different ways to get desirable result. For example, you can specify initial balance, report currency and commissions. See detail description of the service parameters in the section Settings.


The list of the main settings:

  • Load from – the place where you store your trades. There are two available options: File on a local drive and Google Spreadsheet. If you store your trades in a Microsoft Excel or CSV file, select File on a local drive and choose the file from your local drive in the field Choose CSV or Excel file. If you store your trades in Google Spreadsheet, choose Google Spreadsheet and specify a link to your Google Spreadsheet in the field Link to Google Spreadsheet. See detail instructions in the article Upload trades.
  • Data format - format of your trades data. You should save your trades in one of the supported data formats and then specify a correct format in this field. It's very important because otherwise the service can't recognize your trades. The following formats are supported now:
    - Standard;
    - Trades from QUIK.
    Standard is a default format. In this case your have to maintain the following columns in your trades file: DATE, TIME, DIRECTION, PRICE, QTY and so on. See detail formats description in the article Supported data formats.
  • Choose CSV or Excel file - press on the field to select your file with trades from your local drive. The field is available only when File on a local drive is selected as source of trades.
  • Specify link to Google Spreadsheet - enter a link to your Google Spreadsheet. The field is available only when Google Spreadsheet is selected as source of trades.
  • Initial balance - enter your initial balance. This influences on the equity chart and the total percentage result.
  • Currency - choose the currency in which the stats will be presented. We don't do any currency conversions, it's just will be used to show results.

The list of the extended settings:

  • Recognize financial symbol codes - activate this option if you want our service recognize financial symbol codes which you use in your trades file. If a financial symbol code is recognized, the service can automatically do the following things:
    - correctly calculate the total result based on exchange rules;
    - determine cost of the point so that you haven't to specify the POINTCOST column in your trades file;
    - calculate exchange commission.
    We recommend that you leave this setting active. See all supported financial symbol codes in the article Supported financial symbols.
  • Calculate exchange commission - activate this option if you want our service automatically calculate exchange commission. The option is available for financial symbols that were recognized. You should activate the option Recognize financial symbols in this case. See the article Commissions for more details.
  • How single trades are matched - this setting specifies how single buy/sell transactions in your trades file will be combined in trades. You are allowed to choose one of this options:
    - Last trade with first opposite trade (FIFO);
    - Last trade with last opposite trade (LIFO)
    - All trades are combined until the current position is zero.
  • Unit of result calculation - choose a unit of measure for the stats that will be calculated:
    - in currency;
    - in points;
    - based on percentage of price.
  • Commissions - specify exchange and broker commissions:
    - Symbols - specify a financial symbol code that you use in your trades file;
    - Broker fee - specify broker commission in currency, percents or points;
    - Exchange fee - specify exchange commission in currency, percents or points.
    Press Add symbol commission to add commissions for another symbols. See the article Commissions for more details regarding commissions.