Quotes file format

File format description

Quotes file has the following requirements:

  • A file must have character ";" as a column separator.

  • The first line in the file must contain column names.

  • Mandatory columns:

  • DATE - date of the quotes in format YYYYMMDD, where YYYY - year, MM - month, DD - day;

    TIME - time of the quotes in format HHMMSS, where HH - hours (24-hour format), MM - minutes, SS - seconds;

    OPEN - open price;

    HIGH - high price;

    LOW - low price;

    CLOSE - close price;

    VOL - volume.

  • The file can contain any other columns, they will be just ignored.

  • Any special symbols can be around the columns names, for example [DATE], <DATE> and etc. It doesn't matter, they will be ignored.

  • The columns can be mixed, the order doesn't matter.

  • The decimal separator is a dot.


Here is the example of the quotes file: